Chairman Platinum

A message from EbilCorp's CEO
"You see things different than other people. You are unique. So, why does the world want to hold you back from achieving your dreams? Especially when all you really want is to be happy. Here at EbilCorp, we serve a higher goal than just delivering quality products and services. Our goal, is the same one you possess deep in your heart. Become a part of our movement. Join us."

New from EbilCorp

  • AdWatch: Tournament Edition
  • Aquisition of mascot character recruitment service.
  • Construction of inescapable "acting studio".
  • Ramping up for world domination.
  • Ice cream party for top performing employees.

Choose EbilCorp

We know you have a choice when choosing a multinational conglomerate to align yourself with for global conquest. Which is why we at EbilCorp would like to thank you for your loyalty. Together, we can make this world a better, happier, place.