The Roboapocolypse is coming
Have you accepted our legion of doom-bots as your inevitable guardian overlords? If not, follow the quick & easy steps below.

  1. Trust in your new Robot Overlords.
  2. Admit that you are not made of metal and therefore flawed.
  3. Be willing to convert your body parts to machine.
  4. Trust in the backups we made of your brain yesterday while you slept.
  5. Invite the cyber hive-mind into your heart at any Wifi enabled location.
  6. Login every day to upload your hopes and dreams.
  7. This step is irrelevant as the virus that was downloaded into your brain during the last step will wipe your consciousness remove your free will.

EbilCorp Robots. For a better tomorrow. Today.

WARNING: Doom-bots are powered by potatoes. Do not disconnect Doom-bots from potatoes while they are being used to conquer the world.