Sweat Shop Air Conditioners

The cool way to blow away overpriced slave labor!

Take a look around you. The majority of high quality products surrounding you were created by impoverished workers forced to work in terrible conditions within a sweatshop.

They are called sweatshops for a reason, because they are hot, and, well, they’re hot.

But did you know that some sweatshops allow for 1 Air Conditioning unit to be installed? Do you realize how much energy is required to run an AC for as long as those workers work—many of which pull 18-hour shifts? These ACs require an immense amount of power to function, and these utility costs are passed onto the consumer: YOU.

Luckily EbilCorp has a solution: by simply removing the Air Conditioning units from sweatshops, you can save up to 33% off your next fine quality purchase!

Even as you’re reading this, you are sitting in your comfy office chair, enjoying that $5 Starbucks Coffee, and don’t even notice the gentle hum of the air conditioner—in fact, you just might find it downright annoying!

So help us help those sweatshop workers return to a workplace where they can literally put their blood, sweat, tears, and more sweat into the finest quality items that everyone can be proud of!

EBILCORP: Proud to put the ‘sweat’ back in sweatshops.

On an unrelated note: EbilCorp is expanding and has new job openings! Seeking Pre-K students for immediate hire.