Introducing Volcano Seeds—An Eruption of Fun!

Volcano Seeds are quick and easy to use. Just plant the scientifically formulated Volcano Seeds in any potting soil, sprinkle them with water, and you will see results instantly! Your first Volcano will be spewing thick volcanic ash within days. Each Volcano Seed will grow approximately 10,000 feet and abruptly spew infernally hot lava upon ripening.

Thanks to Volcano Seeds, I am now the talk of the neighborhood. I literally have neighbors breaking down my door to get their hands on my locally grown Volcanoes. Thanks for another quality product, EbilCorp!” -- Helen S. from Washington, USA

Volcano Seeds are perfect for kids, moms, grandparents, pyromaniac botanists, dentists, TSA agents, and anyone with a green thumb. Makes a great gift for teachers as well!

Product Details

  • Speeds up Global Warming the natural way!
  • Environmentally Unfriendly!
  • Each seed packet contains 100 Genetically Modified Volcano Seeds; cross contamination within a 5-mile radius guaranteed!
  • Volcano Seeds provide an excellent source of Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, and Sodium.

Allergen Warning: Volcano seeds are produced in a factory that also handles wheat, soy, and peanuts. Do not under any circumstance eat or touch volcano seeds as it may cause unpredictable cellular growth and inevitably turn your blood into liquid hot magma.

BONUS! Order today and we will throw in the 32-page Volcano Seeds cookbook. Each recipe is exploding with flavor.